Adapting a Home for A Disabled Person

Adapting a Home for A Disabled Person

Adapting a Home for A Disabled Person

There are different types of disabilities and on the basis of disability; you have to adjust your home. If you have any disable person in your home, you have to make many changes in your home which will be beneficial for disable person. You should have to know about all types of disabilities which are here:
” Deaf or hard of hearing
” Vision impairment
” Mental health conditions
” Intellectual disability
” Physical disability
” Autism spectrum disorder
” Acquired brain injury
For making changes in your home for disable home, you may contact to disability builders. Such builders know that which change has to do and how it has to complete less time. There are number of ways in which you have to manage home for disabled person. We have provided many ways here so that you can get help. Just take a look on all below adapting changes in home:
Counters – in the kitchen, place counters on distance so that wheel chair can move easily between counters. Counter should be in lower height so that person will able to complete his work by own.

Appliances – place all the appliances in the kitchen like electric can opener, electric jar opener and other cutting tools on right place so that disable person did not face any problem. Place the gas stove knob in front so that person can easily switch on or off the stove knob.

Toilets – in the washroom, just try to space for elevated seat. Place many bars in the toilet so that disable person can manage his balance. If someone is sitting on wheel chair, then always have sliding board so that you can transfer the person from wheel chair to toilet seat.

Sinks – make all faucets at the level that person is able to turn on and turn off the water taps.

Bath mats – if there is bath tub in your bathroom, make sure you also have floor length mat without slipping surface.

Phones – make sure you have atleast one cordless phone in home so that disable person can carry it with him at all places and pick whenever some calls.

Kitchenware – buy al silverware for kitchen so that disable person hold utensil while eating. Always buy utensils, pots and pans with white surface for disable person.

Door and walkways – for a wheel chair person, make sure that doors will be open widely so that wheel chair cross the door easily and tell this thing to disability builders.

For the blind – when adapting home for blind person, you should have to be sure that he have idea about design and layout the home. Also tell him that how he can come out from room and number of handles and doors in the home.

For the deaf – for deaf person, have a TTD – teletype device in your home so that everyone can make phone calls to him.

Doorbells – try to connect doorbells with light. When someone rings door bell or make a phone call, a light will flashed and deaf person will know that someone is on the door or calling.

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